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  • Sword Master: Kwang Mu

    Sword Master Kwang Mu is renown for his sword work. His level of
    craftsmanship within the are of sword is divine. He is able to put all
    natures essence and soul within his blade to attack his enemies which
    is impossible to stop. No-one is able to reach his standards and level
    within his sword work.

  • Folding Fan: Wol-Ryeong

    The fan is as fluent and flexible as any other weapon to her. The power
    behind the fan is as powerful as the sword. Sometimes even more
    powerful. Wol-Ryeong seems to love nature and it is reflected in her
    arts. She is at her peak of her arts which a fan is not a joke to anyone
    who duels her. A tool to cool yourself is something that is not a joke to

  • Poison Master: Mi-Ryeong

    The poison is a stealthy but deadly way to perform your arts. Mi-
    Ryeong was not a coward that will stealthy only use poison to kill her
    target. She was not only able to use poison but also her arts were at
    extreme levels to handle and duel her opponents without a problem.
    With all her skills and assassination skills assigned she is considered the
    top 4 skilled duelest within the Sura world.

  • Spear Master: Chang Wang

    The Spear Master was the only person to put shivers down the spine of
    all martial artists. All foes who were against him were not able to see
    his spear before they were defeated. The never tiring stamina he has
    are rumored that he was able to fight 3 nights without resting and was
    able to be a leading linesman to many victorious wars.

  • Bow Master: Hyeji

    Bow Master has reached divine level or artistry. The agility of setting up
    traps and shields to protect and attack are something that are out of
    the world. She distances and attack the enemies from range. Not
    allowing any close combat or even visibility for the enemies to locate
    them whilst preparing to attack.

  • Night's Warrior : Seo Chu

    The Night's Warrior are the only demonic race that are friendly with the
    Human Race. Seo Chu uses chain as a weapon. Mixed with the dark
    arts the powerful chain's damage is unimaginable. She is considered a
    cold but calm warrior however very friendly to the human race. The
    best and only demonic warrior of the history to assist the human kind.